Welcome to Paws4Fun!

Paws4Fun Agility Club is a not-for-profit, member-run canine agility club located near Kemptville, on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the Club is to promote the competitive and recreational sport of canine agility through training, demonstrations, fun matches, social events, and sanctioned trials; to encourage responsible dog ownership and safe participation; and to educate the public on the sport of agility. Our club is open to all dogs, purebred and mixed breed, as is the Agility Association of Canada (AAC).

Agility classes are offered at levels from puppy, beginner, novice, intermediate and starters. Paws4Fun also offers classes in the sport of Canine Hoopers.

Starters, Advanced and Masters handlers are offered the opportunity to test their ability at any of the AAC sanctioned competitions hosted by the club throughout the outdoor competition season (June to September). Our trials offer events for Starters, Advanced and Master level dogs. Competitors come from all over Eastern and Southern Ontario, and Western Quebec to visit and compete at our weekend trials which offer AAC standard and games agility events. Paws4Fun also offers Rally-Obedience Trials, sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Rally-Obedience (CARO).

Paws4Fun Agility is located at 2840 Taylor Road, Kemptville (however this is NOT our mailing address). Please visit the Location page on the About menu for location details and mailing address.