• Membership registration form and payment information.

  • Membership benefits and requirements.


  • Address, Google map and driving directions for Paws4Fun venue.

  • Venue layout - rings, parking, tenting areas.

  • Club mailing address (not the same as the venue address).

Our Board & Coordinators

  • Names and email addresses of current Board Members and Coordinators.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board Members and Coordinators.


  • Submit an expense report.

  • View Corporate documents.

  • Access the private Board Business pages. 

Rules of Conduct

  • These are the rules that members agree to when joining the club, and visitors agree to in visitor registration forms.

  • These are rules that apply at all locations, for all activities, plus rules that are specific to indoor and outdoor venues, and rules that apply specifically to training classes.


  • Pictures of Paws4Fun Agility Club's beautiful title rosettes which are awarded free when earned at Paws4Fun trials, and are also available for purchase.