Paws4Fun Board of Directors, Unofficial Meeting Highlights

Meeting Date: 15 March, 2024
  1. The board approved purchase of new 44 pairs of tunnel bags to comply with the new AAC ruling re bags required for tunnel coverage.

  2. The board approved purchase of the material for building new wooden jump wings. The goal is the have 36 jumps, 12 for each ring, right now the club has 23. A plan will be formulated for the building and painting these jumps over the course of the summer.

  3. The board approved purchase of new inserts to go into the wooden jump wings.

  4. For the May AAC Games trial, all three rings will be used, and the club does not own enough jumps to cover this. Out Back Agility has kindly agree to lend Paws4Fun as many AAC approved jumps as needed for that trial. In the other AAC trials for the year only 2 rings are in use, so this is not a problem. For K9 Kup the courses are designed, or tweaked at build time, to get by with the number of Paws4Fun jumps available.

  5. The K9 Kup registration process has changed slightly starting this year. Captains are required to register their teams prior to team members registering as individuals. Registration for team captains / teams opens on 25-March, for individuals (Paws4Fun members and non-members) on 1-April.

  6. The Membership Coordinator will send a reminder to people who owe the penalty fee for missed volunteer hours that they must pay that fee before they will be accepted for membership or registration in any event.

  7. There will be a permanent photo booth set up on site, a bench has been purchased for it. The location will be settled after the fields are open.

  8. There will be a sign put up at the entry gate with a “enter at your risk” sort of warning, exact wording to be determined. Members and registered event/class participants all sign liability waivers, but helps with possible liability issues from un-registered spectators at events.