Meet Our Instructors

Dana, Instructor

Dana has been enjoying agility with her Siberian Huskies since 2004. Starting with the All Dog Sports Club, she has been instructing since 2009, and judging at K9-Kup since 2021. Her other dog activities include: sledding, Rally-O, obedience, occasionally conformation and just hanging out together. Her ambition for her students is to develop a stronger bond with their dog, so they have more fun playing together as a team, wherever that might lead them.

Dominique, Instructor

Big bright German Shepherd Geist was so terribly bored with CKC obedience that she drove Dominique to discover the sport of canine agility, back in 2008, before rubber surfaces and many things. In the early 2010s, when the agility club of the time was forced to re-locate and re-invent itself, Dominique was club facilities director and together with the Cranstones and other devotees, she established the Paws4Fun Agility club in a farmer’s field with new name and new logo.  Now retired from work and club administration while striving to improve her agility skills with humility and her third and most engaging agility companion, her Malinois Glitz, she finds it fulfilling to share what she has learned about tackling the wicked twins, snooker and gambler, with other students of canine agility who grapple with that pair of AAC course classes and seek tricks or insights.

Elise, Instructor

Elise has loved agility since she discovered it with her first Malinois, 15 years ago! Since then she’s shared her life with 5 agility dogs, all from the herding group. Her current Border Collie, Rey, is currently 3 and they are loving competing together. Their 2024 plans include heading back to the US Open in Florida.

Laura, Instructor

Laura was first introduced to Agility when she took her new Husky puppy to obedience class; her instructor kept tossing in agility obstacles for fun, so she took an agility class, which she and her dog found much more interesting, and started participating in K9 kup. After her husky earned her obedience title, she switched entirely over to agility, and has never looked back. She loves to compete (for fun) and introduce people to the sport of agility, paying back the low prices the club charges which meant she could afford to stay in the sport. She says her dog changed her life direction 180 degrees and changed her life forever, for which she will be always be thankful, along with getting to meet all the great people she has met in this sport.

Lauren, Instructor

Lauren is a 2018 graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, a current Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, an accredited instructor with Canine Hoopers UK, and has been teaching agility since 2017. She began her dog training journey working with her family’s Berger Picard puppy back in 2009 and has since trained and competed in a wide variety of dog sports. Since her dogs have retired from agility she has been focusing more on lower impact, senior- and puppy-friendly sports such as hoopers. She has a soft spot for nervous and shy dogs, and loves helping dogs and handlers build confidence through teamwork.

Janet, Instructor

Dogs have been a magnet for me my whole life. Agility found me on my third dog who was more active than the lap dog I expected. I call it “dancing with my dog”, and love the magic of running a course connected and in sync together. Teaching agility is an extension of this love to share this wonderful sport with others and their furry friends.

Sheila, Instructor

Sheila and Ridley, her Miniature Schnauzer sidekick, began their agility adventure in 2016. After two years of training, they started competing. Fast forward to 2021, Ridley attained the coveted ATChC title, and Sheila decided to share her love for agility, and dog training, through teaching. This summer, she's taking her new partner in crime, Kepler the Miniature Poodle, to the all-Ontario Regionals.

Michèle, Instructor

Michèle has been doing agility for over 20 years, she has enjoyed competing with her dogs, spaniels. Over the years, her dogs have earned multiple titles.  Right now, her main interest is to teach distance to her young dogs.  As an instructor, she believes that connection and communication are the foundation of great agility teams. Michèle finds that dogs are masters at reading body language and her teaching takes advantage of that.

Liz, Instructor

Liz has been involved in agility, obedience, rally, field and dock diving over the last 20 years with her Golden Retrievers. Liz loves agility and is currently competing at the Masters level with her 6-year-old, Rory and at the starters level with her 2-year-old, Zeke. She loves working with people new to the sport and believes that if you and your dog are not having fun in agility, you are doing something wrong! This is Liz's 5th year teaching at Paws4Fun.

Erin Moore, Training Director

Erin has loved the sport of agility from her very first class.  Erin chooses to participate in agility at a recreational level with her dog Athena.  For her, the sport of agility is all about the handler increasing the existing bond with their dog while doing something they both enjoy.