Private Practice at Paws4Fun

  • Access to our agility fields and equipment for personal practice purposes, at no charge, anytime they are not in use for Trials, Fun Matches, Workshops or Classes as booked on the club calendar.

Financial & Early Registration benefits

  • Reduced fees on all Paws4Fun training classes.
  • Discount, advanced notice and early registration for all paws4Fun Agility sanctioned trials, including AAC, UKI and CARO.
  • Discount, advanced notice and early registration for seminars and workshops held at Paws4Fun
  • Discount on next year's membership fee through the Frequent Volunteer Reward Program.


  • Participate in agility trials as an official.
  • Help with club facilities, maintenance and improvement.
  • Play in ancillary events held by the club, such as public demonstration, other canine sports and fun matches.
  • Learn and share the fun of canine agility with other members and their canine teammates.
  • Vote and be heard at the annual general meetings held by the club.
  • Contribute to the direction of the club as a Director, Coordinator, or other administrative support volunteer.