Paws4Fun Agility is a not-for-profit corporation. All membership fees are used towards facilities and equipment, plus administration costs which are minimal as all administrators are member volunteers.  VIEW MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS

2024 Membership - opens 1-March-2024

Membership fees, due on confirmation of acceptance of your membership application, are:

  • SINGLE ADULT (one person, 18 years of age or older) = $70 for Single Adult, with 16 volunteer hours*

  • FAMILY (two or more persons sharing a residence) = $100 for Family, with 24 volunteer hours*

  • JUNIOR (one person, under 18 years of age) = $50 for Junior, with 8 volunteer hours*

  * A penalty fee will be assessed at the end of the membership year for each volunteer hour missed. In effect, your membership costs more the fewer volunteer hours you put in, on a sliding scale - the more hours you put in, the lower the penalty, as detailed on the Membership Fee Structure page. You reduce the cost of your membership by volunteering, so jump in!

Members who put in more than the expected volunteer hours during the membership year are eligible for discounts on the following year's membership, as detailed on the Frequent Volunteer Rewards Program page.

No matter when in 2023 you joined or renewed, your membership is expired on 1-April-2024. When your membership expires, you will no longer be eligible for member discounts on Paws4Fun events and classes, and you will not be able to practice at Paws4Fun.

To Renew Your Membership

PLEASE read carefully the information above describing membership fees plus volunteer hour requirements and the penalty fee for not completing volunteer hours.

Membership opens for 2024 on 1-March-2024.

Memberships can be renewed up to 30-April-2024. After that date, all memberships are considered to be new memberships, not renewals, which means that Frequent Volunteer Rewards earned from 2023 volunteer hours no longer apply.

Note that if you owe a penalty fee for volunteer hours not completed in 2023, you are required to pay that fee before you renew your membership for 2024. Note that whether or not your renew, if you owe a penalty fee, this is a debt to Paws4Fun which must be paid as you agreed to in your 2023 membership.

To Join Paws4Fun, New Members

PLEASE read carefully the information above describing membership fees plus volunteer hour requirements and the penalty fee for not completing volunteer hours.

To join Paws4Fun, complete and submit the online membership application below. You will be notified by the Membership Coordinator when your membership is accepted and you are required to pay.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at Paws4Fun, at trials, Fun Matches and events, as well as facilities maintenance tasks and administrative jobs. Check out the many tasks available at the Volunteer Here page, or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 

Apply for 2024 Membership

This is the link to your 2024 membership application form. Submit the form, and you will be contacted by the Membership Coordinator when your membership is accepted. Please do not pay until you have been notified that your membership has been accepted.


Online payment only via e-transfer to . Please note in your e-transfer message field that this payment is for membership.  If required, use password "paws4fun".

Hesitating to join? Need some answers?

Contact the Membership Coordinator at to have your questions addressed via email, or to set up a time for a phone conversation.

MEMBERSHIP ACCEPTANCE - The Paws4Fun Agility membership coordinator will notify new and renewing members by email when their membership application has been accepted. if you feel that application acknowledgement is taking too long, please do not hesitate to contact